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Former Nissui President Decorated by New Zealand Government

September 19, 2013

Nippon Suisan advisor Naoya Kakizoe was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit. An award ceremony was conducted at a government house in the capital city of Wellington, on September 17.

The New Zealand Order of Merit was established by Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand to those “who in any field of endeavour, have rendered meritorious service to the Crown and nation or who have become distinguished by their eminence, talents, contributions or other merits.”* Recipients of the awards must be New Zealand or Commonwealth realm citizens and therefore Mr. Kakizoe, an individual of foreign nationality was given the status of Honorary Members.

There has been a long history between Nippon Suisan (Nissui) and New Zealand of technology transfer involving Nissui owned trawl fisheries and canning and marketing of mutton from New Zealand. A favorable business relation has been established over the course of years.

Back in 2001, New Zealand fishery Sealord Group, Ltd. became part of Nissui Group and since 2002, Nissui Group has welcomed 1 to 2 young Maori individuals, the indigenous people of New Zealand, for internal company training each year. Moreover, sponsoring rugby in New Zealand, Nissui Group has established a favorable, friendly, cooperative relation with the country.

Nissui Group was given a Te Whare o Tangaroa, a sculpture symbolizing “God of Sea” by Maori run fishing company Aotearoa Fisheries Limited in 2012. It was an unprecedented case where such a gift was presented to a non-New Zealander recipient.

Advisor Kakizoe, during his presidency at Nissui Group, was a member of the Japan New Zealand Business Council and the Japan New Zealand Partnership Forum. In addition, his efforts extended to deepening a relation between the two countries and its development through sports sponsorships.

“I would like to cherish and share this honor with people who have supported me for a long time. I hope the two countries, the antipodes in this vast sphere will continue to support each other through collaborative work,” Kakizoe commented.


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