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It’s been 60 years since The Suisan Times was established in 1955.

Our publications encompass a weekly newspaper The Suisan Times, a daily report The Suisan Times (online), a weekly newspaper The Frozen Food Times, and a daily report The Frozen Food Times (online). In addition to them, we issue an annual periodical Frozen Food Industry Catalogue and a slew of other books.

In a bid to be part of the developmental force of the seafood and food industries, we actively offer training seminars in Japan and overseas industry tours. The overseas industry tours in particular have been conducted since the inception of the Company and we have sent tour groups to Europe, the US, and other countries all over the world to study the latest food trends, achieving meaningful results. The total number of tour participants are now over 2,500 and many of them have successfully become leaders of companies and industries.

We initially issued our daily reports in a paper form; however, the advent of the IT era propelled us to go with a digital form - no other papers had done it at the time - and we began publishing the latest news on the same day on the web.

An online medium connecting the food industry and the food-related machinery and material sectors, The Food Engineering Times (FEN), was launched in 2008. The number of readership exceeds 12,000 who are located not only in Japan, but also in other countries.

We are determined to keep providing specialized journalism that will encourage healthy development of the seafood, food, and other related industries. We will greatly appreciate your continuing support.

The Suisan Times
Chairman and Executive Director Hiroaki Koshikawa
President and Representative Director Mikio Sato

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