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Kibun Foods Pushes Premium Chikuwa

June 27, 2014

Beginning in June, Kibun Foods, Inc. enabled consumers throughout Japan to access its product, Kawamade Oishi Nama-Chikuwa (chikuwa delicious to the skin), which had been sold only in limited areas. A new category named Premium Chikuwa that includes Kawamade Oishi Nama-Chikuwa, has been aggressively promoted at the store front since June, ending in July, a period when a demand heightens.

The facts on the raw chikuwa market trend by price and area indicate that the March-May sales of high-end chikuwa items of a JPY150 to JPY 200 range and an over JPY 200 range, have been on the rise since 2012 nationwide up by 35.5 percent and 68.1 percent respectively in contrast with the previous year figures.

The months of June and July are the time when the humidity and the temperature rise and consumers get tempted to go for ready-made meals and prefer to reduce cooking time. Kibun Foods chose this particular period to begin marketing Kawamade Oishi Nama-Chikuwa throughout Japan. With this action, the Company aims to awaken the untapped demand of instant kneaded fish products and resiliently meet quality-based consumer needs.

Five items are included in the current campaign: Kawamade Oishi Nama-Chikuwa (5 pk, JPY 379 SRP), Hotate Chikuwa (scallop flavored chikuwa, 3 pk, JPY 284 SRP), Chi-chiku (cheese in chikuwa, 5 pcs, JPY 229 SRP), Tomato Chi-chiku (same as Chi-chiku), and Basil Chi-chiku (same as Chi-chiku).

Image 1: Kawamade Oishi Nama-Chikuwa
Image 2: Tomato Chi-chiku

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