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July 27, 2007

Peter Pan Seafoods strengthens sushi items in U.S. and EU

"We have started to produce and sell sockeye salmon roe for sushi for U.S., EU and Russian market There`s great feedback." Barry D. Collier, the CEO of Peter Pan Seafoods, said to the Suisan Times.

Peter Pan Seafoods tested trial production of salmon roe at Dillingham facility a few years ago and got support from potential clients. The company will plan to go into full-scale production this year and increase its market share in U.S. and EU.

"The production of Salmon is expected to be the same level as last year. The price of wild salmon is on the rise and the market in EU and U.S are growing. We do realize the significance of the Japanese market by tradition and keep certain amount for export. But if you face the reality it is undeniable that the European market is attractive because of appreciation of Euro. It`s clear our business activities lean more to the EU" said Collier.

7 Eleven enhances Katsuobushi flavor

7 eleven will change Katsuobushi (dried, fermented and smoked skipjack) it uses to make broth for Oden (Japanese traditional winter dish consisting of several ingredients). The company will use freshly caught skipjack, instead of frozen, on site.

The fish have been caught near the equator, deep-frozen, drifting on the sea for one to three months before landed and processed in Japan until now.

Instead, the largest chain store has decided to do the first step process on site (without freezing) to enrich umami, one of the five basic tastes sensed by the human tongue. It is widely known that umami skipjack has reaches its peak one or two days after catch.

"The company will complete the process at their six facilities in Japan. The broth will have 6 different kinds, depending on regions" said the company.

7 Eleven, a subsidiary of Seven & I holdings, the largest chain store in all categories, operates over 32,000 stores world-wide and nearly 12,000 units in Japan alone.
The store is different from that of U.S. and Europe and offers a wide variety of foods.

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