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Daichi to sell MSC eco-labeled seafood

October 26, 2007

Daichi, a leading organic and low-pesticide grocer, said the Suisan Times that it is developing a concrete plan to sell the MSC eco-labeled seafood. The company is said to have the most rigid product screening and its move will likely to have impacts on rival door-to-door delivery companies and retailers.

Daichi will introduce Alaskan salmon and Alaskan sablefish.

Two tons of Chinook salmon will be 100 gram-fillets and will be available for a limited time, beginning early February. Sablefish will be sold in different specifications in fillet or marinated form, but the company says it is under review and has not yet determined when it will go on sale.

The grocer`s basic philosophy of product procurements is to support local, domestic primary sectors. Imported seafood is limited to where fisheries or products that do not hamper domestic fisheries. In fact, component ratio of imported seafood, such as organic black tiger shrimp in Indonesia and Canadian herring roe-on kelp, is less than 10%.

"We have been comparing notes on the MSC since 2003. We have found that the MSC eco-labeled products the most favorable imported seafood. The MSC products are based on the consistent position from haul to distribution, which gives trust" said the company.

Daichi`s annual sales ending March 2007 were 13.2 billion yen.

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