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Bumper saury catches

December 12, 2007

Saury season this year enjoyed a bountiful catch. As of Dec.10 total catches increased 23% from a year earlier to 295,760 tons valued at \21.7 billion. The average unit prices per kilogram were \73.6, a five percent increase from the previous year.

Harvest in Hokkaido edged up 5 % to 123,000 tons, though unit price dipped 6% to \78.1. Of Hokkaido Hanasaki recorded the most volumes of 55,400 tons, followed by Kushiro and Akkeshi, which produced 33,600 tons and 26,300 tons, respectively.

Honshu, the mainland, marked 173,000 tons, a huge increase of 41% from the previous season. The average unit price also climbed 23% to \70.4.

Iwate produced 49, 000 tons, mainly in Miyako and Ofunato regions. In Miyagi the catches were up 20% to 76,000 tons, while unit price also jumped 28% to \71.6. In Choshi, Chiba the haul doubled to 37,400 tons.

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