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Japan Tuna starts E.U. exports

December 21, 2007

Japan Tuna Fisheries Association`s president Masahiro Ishikawa said high fuel prices, less landings and low pricing are squeezing tuna fisheries. He said exploring new markets is crucial and the timing is right to enter into the E.U. market.

"Tuna fisheries are hit hard by fuel prices, low pricing and landings. We will make good use of supplementary budget for the fuel issues, but self-help efforts are limited and we will demand support from the government. As a new market exploration, we will experimentally sell products to the E.U. market.

He made the comment at a round-table discussion on the present conditions of tuna fisheries and its challenges organized by Suisan Times. Shuji Yamada, director general of Fisheries Agency and Shuji Yamada president of Fisheries Association also participated the discussion.

Ishikawa said the timing is great on the ground that the E.U. banned carbon monoxide treated tuna.

"The first shipment to EU is scheduled in the beginning of next year. I believe the timing is perfect to ship frozen products because carbon monoxide treated tuna got prohibited in E.U.," said Ishikawa

Japan Tuna Fisheries Association is a producer group of pelagic tuna fisheries. It established a wholly owned trading firm in June, 2006

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