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Nissui to rebuild distribution function

January 10, 2008

Nissui, Hohsui, Chou Gyorui and Chuo Reito held a board announced that Nissui`s subsidiary Hohsui will merge Chuo Reito to consolidate operation beginning on Apr. 1. Akitoshi Nomi, president of Chuo Reito, will be appointed as new president.

With the merger, Hohsui will be Chuo Gyorui`s consolidated subsidiary.
Hohsui`s main business is procurement, importing, processing and wholesaling of crab and shrimp. With unified operation with Chuo Reito, it aims to strengthen wholesale functions by acquiring refrigerated, frozen distribution know-how.

Chuo Gyorui hopes to expand business to ensure profitability of the group with the integration of Hohsui and Chuo Reito.

Nissui plans to improve its trading and wholesale operations to bolster manufacturing function. Japan`s second largest seafood giant aims to create synactic supply chain with Chuo Gyorui and scale up its distribution system.

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