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Nichiro unveils new products

January 21, 2008

Tempurad surimi

Iron-enhanced black Furikake and
astaxanthin-enhanced red

Nichiro on Thursday (13th) unveiled its new 30 products, targeting to earn \5.2 billion. Each product has newly born Maruha Nichiro`s brand logo.

Nichiro will bring its first co-developed product with Maruha, Chikuwa Tempura, Tempurad surimi, to the market. The company uses surimi that Maruha makes and it is processed at Nichiro`s Ishinomaki plant. (Picture one)

It will also introduce a new pair of dried astaxanthin and iron-enhanced condiments, furikake called “Red and Black Frikake”. (Picture two)

Nichiro will release 6 processed items and 10 frozen products for retail and 14 items for catering business.

China`s interim water quota cut 340,000 tons

January 21, 2008

A fisheries negotiation between Japan and China discussing operational conditions on interim water areas for 2008 came to a conclusion that China`s vessels will be 122 fewer than last year to 18,800. China`s nonbinding fishing quota target was set maximum to 1,795,346 tons, a 340,654 decrease from the previous year. Quota for Japan will be the same as last year, which is 109,250 tons.

The decisions were made last past Thursday in Shanghai, China and the operational conditions were urges to the both governments.

China`s trawl fishing boats operating within Japan`s exclusive economic zone will be 62 fewer than last year to 450 and its quota will be 256 tons less to 8,000 tons.

Japan`s purse seiner boats operating in China`s exclusive economic zone will be 20 ships fewer to 161, while its quota will be decreased 215 tons to 10,524 ton. Trawl vessels will be 5 boats fewer to 37 and its quota will be 764 tons. Offshore trawl fishing boats will be 37 fewer to 310, while quota will be 25 tons less to 853 tons.

Maruha to raise surimi products

January 18, 2008

Maruha said on Thursday it will raise its 21 surimi products up to 15%, beginning on Mar.1 as a result of escalated fish prices.

Prices of fish have increased 20% compared to a year ago. Other material prices including packaging films and corrugated boxes are also on the rise, which is severely affecting day to day business activities.

“We have come to a point where price increases are unavoidable. Our cost-cutting efforts are facing limits”, said the company.


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