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Katokichi switches to vannamei

January 29, 2008

Katokichi, who is exhaustively reviewing all products under new administration, switched to Thailand`s vannamei from black tiger shrimp for its well known frozen breaded shrimp.

Katokichi`s signature frozen shrimp for retail will go on sale on Feb.11.

Now that fewer retailers carry frozen breaded shrimp products in Japan but Katokichi said it developed new breaded shrimp to meet customers’ needs.

“Since the company founded, we have been producing frozen deep fried shrimp. As a pioneer of Ebi Fry (deep fried breaded shrimp), it is our obligation to develop new products to meet demand”, said the company.

Chuo Gyorui`s profit plunges 

January 29, 2008

Chuo Gyorui`s third quarter consolidated sales were \132 billion, a 4.6 decrease from the same period a year earlier. Operating profit slipped 47.2% to \396 million, while bottom-line profits plunged 59.2% to \381 million.

Although unit prices improved fueled by higher imported frozen seafood and raw material prices, sales and transaction volume decreased with sluggish consumption trend and competition over off-market distribution.

“We tried to expand sales and strengthen procurement, along with product development and cost reduction. But both revenue and profit fell owing to the adverse market condition”, said the company.

The company sees its full-business year sales will be down 3.6% compared to the previous year to \171 billion, while net profit will fall 52.4% to \560 million.

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