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Nissui USA shows depth

February 4, 2008


Akiyo Matono, president of Nissui USA

Nissui USA is strengthening its North American local links, along with Nissui group`s global links.

“The biggest topic this year is that the pollock quota in the Berling Sea was slashed to one million tons. This is not only big crucible for Unisea but for all Nissui group companies. Unisea will play a role in giving maximum profitability under limited pollock sourcing. We like to overcome tough times with the curbing Alaska pollock quota by tapping our potential through our North American local links,” said Akiyo Matono, president of Nissui USA.

Matono says that Gorton`s has established a strong brand image and well received by consumers with distinguished yellow packages.

“”The size of market for prepared frozen seafood products has remained unchained, but Gorton`s share has increased to nearly 40 percent. The brand image has been built not only upon its high-quality, but also on our efforts not to occur product shortage. Distinguished yellow packages are well received by consumers”.

King & Price Seafood, value-added seafood supplier for restaurants and retailers, had negative external and internal business impacts in 2007.

“External negative impact is that market for the U.S. family-style restaurants has contractive tendency”, said Matono. “King & Price has strength in shrimp, but anti-dumping tax imposed on shrimp by the U.S. government brought about increased import volumes of cheaper value-added items, which marred the company`s high quality, high-priced range of goods.

Matono said King & Price will target to restore profitability over the next six months with support from its parent company, Gorton`s.

Internal negative factor is increased costs of distribution, sales and marketing, accompanying with merger with Fishking. To combat this, the company will maximize synergy with parent company, Gorton`s and improve many areas, including finance, raw procurement, production and distribution systems. We anticipate King & Prince`s operating income will move into the black by June.”

Nissui USA expects that F.W. Bryce will maintain good growth this year, as it showed favorable growth in 2007.

“Sales of F.W. Bryce`s for 2007 were about $110 million and its business is steadily growing. It is responsible for the emerging U.S. seafood market and 100% of Nissui group`s products, such as Chilean salmon and Indonesia`s shrimp, to the U.S. market are distributed through the company. With strong sales last year, we expect substantial growth this year, as well,” Matono said.


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