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Foodreams expands frozen sushi production in China

April 2, 2008

Frozen sushi manufacturer Foodreams` Chinese subsidiary Blue Dream Foodstuff Yantai is eager to expand production backed by demand in the E.U. and China.

Since the company was established in March last year, processed seafood product lines broadened from sushi items, such as mackerel, squid and shellfish, to frozen deep-fried seafood items. The company plans to process crabmeat and crab stick in the near future, as well.

The company sees future expansion to target the E.U. market and increased the number of staff November last year and its factory is under expansion.

“We started production with 60 employees. With an eye to the future demand from Europe, we employed another 50 workers from Gansu province in November last year. In fact, we have many inquiries about frozen sushi from Europe and I believe there`s surging demand for sushi there. Until EU code we are applying is approved we like to tool up production”, said Director General Manager, Zhang Ming.

With orders coming from different cities in China, the firm sees sales growth at home.

“We have opened two factory-direct stores under joint management. We are providing our products to the stores in Dalian by the sea. Our frozen sushi manufactured with latest technology from Japan receives good feedback from Shanghai and Beijing. It is still in the experimental stage but we use refrigerated cars to ship products to Shanghai at this moment.”

Ming says he has the responsibility to familiarize sushi in China on the ground it is providing customers with high-quality food.

“Our products are great sushi Chinese people can swear by. It`s our Chinese staff`s role to let customers know how good that is. We will cover all demand from China at our factory in Yantai.”

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