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Ichimasa launches new product lines, appealing to health-conscious customers

April 4, 2008

Ichimasa Kamaboko, Japan`s second largest surimi maker after Kibun, will launch 17 new and 14 renewal products. Surimi consumption per household in February increased 14.5 percent from the same month a year earlier to \757 and the company hopes to build on the momentum.

As a leading surimi maker, Ichimasa once again strengthens salad stick, its flagship product. As there`s growing awareness of health benefits, the surimi manufacturer adds collagen and calcium in the products, targeting health-conscious consumers.

The company`s signature products “Okhotsk” and “Sea Salad” are calcium added and tomato lycopene, which has strong antioxidant properties, is used as natural colorant. Stick surimi also contains natural marine collagen made from fish skin.

Reintroduced Okhotsk, containing eight stick in two packages, will be sold at \140 at retail.

Ichimasa`s operating profits ending June 07 were 562 million yen on sales of 28 billion yen.

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