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Nichimo Establishes Food Marketing Company in Dalian, China

April 25, 2008

Nichimo established a food-business subsidiary “Dalian Nichimo Trading Company Limited” in Dalian, China on April 1. The new company will engage in the marketing of processed seafood products destined for the European and American markets, and the marketing of Japanese frozen seafood (mackerel, Pacific saury, etc.) and American seafood (flatfish, Atka mackerel) in the Chinese market.

It will also engage in the wholesaling and marketing of vegetables, fruit, meat products, pre-packed foods, machine tools, fishing equipment and ship equipment in China. The capital of the new company is 50 million yen and Mr. Teruaki Makino has taken up the position of CEO. The sales target is 280 million yen for the first fiscal year, and 508 million yen for 2011.

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