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US Foodservice, American Major Food Distributor, Begins Sales of MSC

May 7, 2008

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the US Foodservice, one of the American major food distributors, announced that the US Foodservice would add 28 different kinds of MSC eco-labeled seafood products to its brand “Harbor Banks.”

The list of items that will be sold on the market includes Alaskan pollack, halibut, chum salmon, as well as sockeye salmon. Skinless chum salmon, smoked sockeye salmon fillet, and Alaskan pollack loin and fillet have already been on the market. Products made out of chum salmon and halibut will hit the market soon.

The US Foodservice has an extensive list of clients, such as restaurants, medical facilities, schools, noncommercial and commercial facilities, and therefore the US Foodservice will sell MSC eco-labeled products is expected to help spread the MSC’s name throughout the Northern America.

According to a spokesperson of the US Foodservice, Kim Brown, “we are quite satisfied with the fact that we are the first company in the food distribution industry to provide MSC eco-labeled products.”

“American consumers have become aware of sustainability of food they consume and they request that grocery stores carry sustainable products in the storefront. The announcement of the US Foodservice supplying MSC eco-labeled products to restaurants, cafes, hospitals, as well as schools will surely help consumers choose and enjoy the environmentally friendly products when dining out,” said a regional director of MSC.

The US Foodservice is one of the biggest food distributors in the US. Their list of clients exceeds well over 250,000.

Ryoshoku Ltd. Suffers 1.2 Billion Yen Ordinary Loss For The First Quarter

May 7, 2008

Ryoshoku Ltd. enjoyed consolidated net sales of 324.8 billion yen in the first quarter of 2008, boosted by contributions from newly consolidated subsidiaries of alcohol distributors in Oita prefecture from the second quarter of last year, a 0.4% increase in growth. However, in actuality, the company has fallen in revenue due to the incident involving Tenyo food manufacturer and its potsticker products.

Although the gross income on sales has gone up, the company has had to deal with losses, such as the operating loss of 1.292 billion yen, the ordinary loss of 1.199 billion yen, and this quarter’s net deficit of 1.113 billion yen, as a result of expenses for new venture businesses.

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