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Aero Trading Co, Ltd, Tohto Suisan's Subsidiary, Goes Strong

May 16, 2008

Aero Trading Co. Ltd (ATC), Tohto Suisan’s subsidiary, runs its wholesale business at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. The company has been performing its business very well.

For the first time results by location were released for briefing the previous business term. The briefing was held at Tsukiji fish market. ATC, among others, achieved an increase in sales, totaling 4.177 billion yen, in Northern America. The company’s operating profit was 528 million yen. ATC provides mainly fresh sockeye salmon and halibut throughout Canada.

Despite the gains, the amount of imported seafood from ATC to Japan has been decreasing. The company imports sockeye salmon, sablefish, herring roe, among other products to Japan. ATC imported roughly 1000t of sockeye salmon three years ago, however nothing was transported to Japan last year, due partly to the decreasing number of fish catch in Canada.

Yoshinari Sekimoto, the President of the Tohto Suisan, expects that new business strategies will be introduced to ATC that will enable the company to increase fish imports to Japan through the introduction of new merchandise.

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