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100 Fisheries Are Certified or Under Examination by MSC

June 6, 2008

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), committed to environmentally
responsible-sustainable fishing, just welcomed their 100th entry to the program.

According to MSC, there are 25 certified and 75 fisheries under
assessment. As the 100th fishery, the Atlantic deep-sea red crab was entered.
Total annual catches by these fisheries reached more than 5 million tons.
Roughly 1,500 MSC labeled products are on the store shelves in 35 countries
throughout the world.

Rupert Howes, chief executive of the MSC, said, “This is a fantastic
milestone for both the MSC and each one of these individual fisheries.
These fisheries will be the best placed to meet the expectations of both seafood
buyers and end consumers around the world who are increasingly looking for the
‘best environmental choice.’ We look forward to celebrating the 101st fishery and
many more future partners over the coming months and years.”

The first MSC certifications were given in March 2000 to the Australia rock
lobster fishery and the Thames herring fishery. In 1999, the Alaska salmon
fishery began undergoing the first certification assessment; the certification
process was however completed in September 2000. The latest certification was
awarded to the Oregon pink shrimp fishery in December 2007; MSC’s first ever
certified shrimp fishery. One of the fisheries currently going through assessment
is the Kyoto snow crab fishery.

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