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High-End Rice Ball “Salmon Teriyaki” by Lawson Hit Market

June 18, 2008

Lawson, one of the major convenience store chains in Japan, released a brand new product “Nigata Koshihikari Onigiri Sake-Teriyaki” (salmon teriyaki rice ball) as part of its high-end brand “Nigata Koshihikari Onigiri” series on June 17, 2008. This new product is made from salmon trout cultured at a Chilean farm contracted with Lawson. It is priced at 168 yen.

Generous cuts of salmon are marinated overnight in a special secret sauce created from a mix of soy sauce, sweet cooking rice wine, sugar, and fish soy and then broiled slowly.

Since the release of “Nigata Koshihikari Onigiri Sake-harami” (salmon belly rice ball) in 2002, the rice ball series using Salmon have been always the top three selling merchandise.

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