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Green Foods Launches New Business Enterprise in China

July 17, 2008

Green Foods Co. Ltd., led by President Gintetsu Fukuda is expected to establish a new enterprise in Zhejiang, China; the decision was made at a board meeting on July 14, 2008. The company has been planning to take over Kawaman Suisan, a subsidiary of Katokichi Co. Ltd., and marine food business from Katokichi; this merger motivated Green Foods to launch a new processing company in China, to help secure the stable resourcing of top selling sea eel by Green Foods and shrimp, a flagship item of Katokichi.

The trade name of this company is “ Zhoushan Green Foods“* Li Xiang Gen was appointed as a chairman. The company will be responsible for purchasing and processing marine and agricultural materials, and distributing products.

Green Foods will provide 100 percent of capital for the venture, worth 2 billion yen. The company is anticipating completion of the new enterprise sometime in July without a clear knowledge of the actual operation start date. All the capital necessary for this new venture has been lent from Katokichi.

Additionally, a merger agreement by the three companies, Green Foods, Kawaman Suisan, and Katokichi, was scheduled to be finished by late June; however it has been temporarily put off by delay in preliminary infrastructure arrangement.

Translated by Kiyo Haysaka on July 21, 2008

Yanagiya Introduces Silent Cutter at Seafood Show

July 17, 2008

Yanagiya Co. Ltd., a food machinery manufacturer, introduced a high performance silent cutter, SCB150 model, at the Seafood Show, July 23 thru 25, 2008.

This newly improved machine is designed to make negi-toro (minced fatty tuna and green onions), and equipped with a line of filling, wrapping, sizing, and cutting instruments. At the show, the company showcased the functions of the machine using mashed potatoes.

The silent cutter models designed mainly for fish paste products have been extensively utilized for their superior stirring/mixing functionality.

The silent cutter SCB 150 model is a newly improved machine; the company is considering promoting it as a surimi and negi-toro maker. The SCB 150 model with additional functions of filling, wrapping, sizing, and cutting is going to be introduced as a negi-toro manufacturing line.

Characteristics of the SCB 150 model:

 Prevention of water infiltration into the main body frame: separating a dish from the body frame prevents water penetration. The body frame under the dish being tilted forward encumbers puddle forming.
Cleaning: 1) the model, with its accessible dish side panel cover,enables cleaning of both the bottom of the dish and the top of the body frame; 2) the model also allows for swiveling of the dish cover to 90 degrees by hand, making it easier to clean a cutter blade and the inside of the dish cover from the rear side.
Improvement of operation ability: being equipped with a touch screen and failure diagnosis function.
ntegral structure: the installation of a control panel inside the body frame creates space efficiency.

As for options, the model can be equipped with a hyper slow feature, an automated operation registering capability, and an operation recording function.

Translated by Kiyo Hayasaka on July 23, 2008

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