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Farmed Sanriku Coho Salmon: Unit Price Moves Upward Early July

July 18, 2008

According to the Fisheries Cooperative Association of Miyagi Prefecture, as of July 10, 2008, the total accumulated harvest amount of farmed Sanriku coho salmon in Ishimaki Market, Onagawa City and others was 15 percent down to 5,873 tons, or 2.725 billion yen (a 7 percent decline). Its average unit price was 464 yen/kg, 9 percent higher than the last year.

The total harvest amount from July 1 thru 10, 2008 declined by 5 percent to 1,335 tons; its average unit price steadily moved upward to 420 yen/kg (an increase of 10 percent).

Translated by Kiyo Hayasaka on July 21, 2008

Aquaculture Industry: Rising Feed Costs and Low Fish Prices Cause Adversities

July 18, 2008

The Federation of National Fisheries Mutual Aid Association announced that in 2007 results from the division of fish aquaculture reached record highs for recent years, totaling 84 billion yen, due to an increasing number of new contracts as well as higher premiums.

As for this year, despite a growing trend of securing new large scale contracts in various prefectures, the federation has painfully witnessed losses of 4 billion yen due to declines in the numbers of farmed fish at the national level and the decreasing number of contracts caused by the halting of operations or shutting down of businesses.

Today’s soaring fuel costs have been devastating for not only the fishing industry, but also aquaculture business. The aquaculture industry has been hit severely by rising costs of materials needed for fish preserves, Styrofoam, transportation, as well as fish feed. Adding to the complexity of the problem, it is almost impossible to put an end to the low unit prices; consequently, reduced profits and higher expenses have put the industry in a great deal of distress.

Sea beam farm industry, among others, has been experiencing overstock due to the crumbling of the balance between demand and supply; they have been forced to send fish to the market at low prices.

Translated by Kiyo Hayasaka July 21, 2008

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