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Kyokuyo Holds Business Exhibition For Year-End Sales Competition
Appealing “Kyokuyo’s Total Power” with 301 Products

September 26, 2008

The business exhibition was held in Tokyo by a Kyokuyo Tokyo branch and Kyokuyo Co. on September 25, 2008. More than 700 attendees from 300 different client companies engaged in active business negotiations, and sampled the company’s highly recommended products for the year-end sales battle.

With the exhibition site separated into eleven different themes, 301 products, including 28 new products for this year, were introduced. The department of seafood, the department of frozen foods, and the department of room-temperature foods collaboratively contested “Kyokuyo’s total power,” by introducing three main seafood commodities, “mackerel,” “salmon,” and “shrimp”; explaining the production procedure; and increasing sample items.

As a top mackerel processer in Japan, the section of “mackerel” proudly presented 43 products with samplers prepared in four different methods; broiling, boiling, frying, and serving raw. The Salted fillet of premium wild sockeye salmon from Russia was one of 26 products introduced at the salmon section. Additionally, boneless chum salmon fillet and farmed Sanriku coho salmon filleted for sashimi, among others, were displayed.

Original articles was published on September 26, 2008; translated by Kiyo Hayasaka

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