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Tuna Ranching Volume Increases 3,550 Tons to 32,580 Tons

October 14, 2008

Based on an account from one of the stakeholders at Tsukiji Market, this year’s total tuna ranching volume reached 32,580 tons, an increase of 3,550 tons from the previous year.

Stringent counting of ranching amounts in the Mediterranean, due to the tightening of ICAAT regulations, resulted in possible overrun of fishing quotas by Italy and Turkey, according to IntraFish. Turkey in particular exceeded 2,450 tons to 4,060 tons.

With this year’s amount of 3,640 tons, as opposed to 1,250 tons in the previous year, Croatia’s amount seems to fluctuate annually. Conversely, Australia shows no change annually, staying at the amount of 6,000 tons.

Mexico indicated a decrease of 700 tons with a total of 3,000 tons this year; however it is believed that the actual amount could be less than 1,000 tons, as a result of a fish farming giant, Explorer, filing a bankruptcy-rehabilitation plan. An additional reasoning for this speculation is the growing distrust of Mexican operations due to a discrepancy between the catch amount and the ranching amount every year; and murder of a Japanese manager assigned in Mexico in February has caused a rising country risk.

In contrast, Japan displayed a jump to 4,700 tons from 3,500 tons. Its ranching amount increased, however it is expected that the import amount from the Mediterranean will plummet.

Original article was published on October 14, 2008 and was translated by Kiyo Hayasaka

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