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Maruha Nichiro Group Launches Maruha Nichiro Kitanihon Company

May 7, 2010

Maruha Nichiro Group launched its new consolidated company 'Maruha Nichiro Kitanihon Corporation' on April 1. Consolidated segments are Kushiro Plant and Mori Plant of Maruha Nichiro Foods, Aomori Kanzume, Okhotsk Nichiro, Daisy Shokuhin, and Nichiro Tokachi Shokuhin. By consolidating and reorganizing production sites scattering around the Hokkaido and Aomori blocks, "the aim is to secure high-grade marine and agricultural raw materials produced at the target areas. Also, integration of functions enables the company to strengthen quality assurance, product development, and cost competition, leading to the enhancement of the group's total power," according to Maruha Nichiro.

The new company's address is 194-5, Aza Sarabetsu, Sarabetsu Village, Kwanishi-gun, Hokkaido, 089-1501. Its phone number is 0155-53-5661; fax 0155-53-5670. The company is under management of President Ikuo Nakauchi. The board member structure is as follows:

Representative Director/President Ikuo Nakauchi; Senior Managing Director Nobuo Sawada (Furano Plant Manager); Senior Managing Director Yoshihito Suwa (Marketing Dept Director); Senior Managing Director Yutaka Ashida (Production Management Dept; Tokachi Plant Manager); Senior Managing Director Masanori Numazawa (Administrative Dept/Quality Assurance Dept; Quality Assurance Dept Director); Managing Director Hideo Ouchi (Aomori Plant Manager); Managing Director Shinichi Ito (Soya Plant Manager/Kushiro Plant Manager); and Director Nobuyuki Morita (Mori Plant Manager).

Corporate Officer Masanobu Shinagawa (Production at Aomori Plant); Corporate Officer Seiji Kondo (Office Affairs of Aomori Plant); Corporate Officer Takatoshi Fukui (Production of Tokachi Plant); Corporate Officer Hitoshi Watanabe (Management of Aomori Plant); Corporate Officer Takeyoshi Nakagawa (Production Management Dept Director); Corporate Officer Yoshikazu Kashiwagi (Management and Production of Furano Plant); and Corporate Officer Shinichi Arase (Management Dept Director).

Auditing Officer Horinori Kaneda (full-time); Auditing Officer Naoyoshi Maeda (part-time); and Auditing Officer Masahiro Funakoshi (par-time).

The original article was published on May 7, 2010 and was translated by Kiyo Hayasaka.

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