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Maruichi Tsusho, Fish Retailer, Acquires Sankyo Busho's Shares

June 15, 2010

In cooperation with a Yokohama-based company, Nosan Corp., Maruichi Tsusho, a Nagano-oriented firm, acquired the shares of Sankyo Busho and Umi Tonya (both located in Fukuoka City, Kyushu; hereinafter referred as Sankyo Busho Group); these two companies engage in the purchasing and marketing of fries for aquaculture, i.e. kanpachi and buri, compound feed, and end products in Kyushu.

Nosan Corp. has specialty in manufacturing and selling aquaculture feed; Sankyo Busho Group possesses solid relationships with fish farmers in the Kyushu area, a prominent fish-farming region; furthermore Maruichi Tsusho specializes in the marketing of fresh marine products. The consolidation of the three companies enables to construct an integrated business operation, from fry, feed, fish development, to sale. An agreement was reached attempting to stabilize producers' businesses, enhance clientele satisfaction, extend a market share in the farmed fish sector, and boost the values of the companies involved.

Maruichi Tsusho made the acquisitions of 300 shares of Sankyo Busho, 15 percent of issued stocks, and nine units of contribution of Umi Tonya, 15 percent of a total unit of contribution. Nosan obtained 200 shares of Sankyo Busho, consisting of 10 percent of issued shares, and six units of contribution of Umi Tonya, comprising 10 percent of a total unit.

Maruichi Tsusho is slated to place employees, who are to tend to marketing, in Sankyo Busho Group; both Maruichi Tsusho and Nosan also will temporarily send executives to the Group.

Sankyo Busho Group is an unlisted private equity enterprise. Since its inception in 1977, the Group has expanded its transaction volume of fries for fish farming, feed, and adult fish, boasting of group sales of \6.2 billion and its top class status in the Kyushu district, Japan's leading marine aquaculture Mecca.

The original article was published on June 15, 2010 and was translated by Kiyo Hayasaka.

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