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Nippon Suisan Occupies Four Stalls at Seafood Show Slated for July 21

July 14, 2010

Nippon Suisan is slated to participate in the 12th Japan International Seafood Show held at Tokyo Big Site from July 21-23.

Under the theme of “Relishable Tastiness,” products from Nissui Group companies nationwide will be showcased, offering suggestions of recipes and fish section designs that will make Nissui products even more enjoyable by consumers. Shedding light on breakfast, a mealtime when more fish consumption can be anticipated, to recommend new meal menus, a fish section designed accordingly using an example of “salmon corner” will be presented.

Displays and samples will revolve around brand products from Nissui Group companies, Sanriku coho salmon “Gin Gin,” Kurose Suisan’s “Kurose Buri,” Hakata Marukita Suisan’s “Hakata Ago-otoshi,” as well as Nakatani Suisan’s tuna and Marusa Sasaya Shoten’s salmon roe just to name a few.

Nissui’s booth will be sectioned into four different threads. Each category will introduce Nissui’s message by way of video and display: 1) Nissui Network introduces Kurose Suisan, Hakata Marukita Shoten, Tokyo Kitaichi, Nakatani Suisan, Marusa Sasaya Shoten, Yamazu Suisan, and Nippon Suisan Funabashi Processing Center; 2) Let’s Learn More About Consumers! features easy-to-understand research data on consumers; 3) Fish Recipes Are Exciting! demonstrates upwards of 20 different recipes mainly of breakfast; and 4) Let’s Make Fish Floor More Entertaining! proposes a “salmon section” with the use of POP marketing tools.

Sushi, buri yukhoe, curry flavored coho salmon and cauliflower stir-fry, and cod roe and avocado on cracker for samples will be prepared.

The original article was published on July 14, 2010 and was translated by Kiyo Hayasaka.

Maruha Nichiro’s Release of 65 New Fall-Winter Products

July 14, 2010

A Series of “Benri na Cha-Arai Honenashi Sakana” Made

Maruha Nichiro Foods, managed by President Michiro Sakai, announced its new fall-winter collection, consisting of 65 new products. Product development for the new collection was taken on under the theme of “We Choreograph (Create) a Variety of Food Scenes From Consumers’ Standpoint.” President Sakai commented: “We as a food manufacture cannot remain alive, unless we promptly provide products designed responding to varying consumer life styles. How accurately we read market trends is a key to a win-or-lose situation.” The main concepts were laid out: 1) product development with the utilization of Maruha Nichiro Group capability; 2) pursuance to top the category; and 3) new demand creations.

For instance, a great number of people are feeling the need to increase fish consumption to satisfy their health consciousness and avert metabolic syndrome; and yet the reality is that they fail to follow through. With that in mid, the company offered a wide range of frozen fillets intended for professional use such as “NEW Cha-Arai Honenashi Akisake Kirimi” (NEW tea-rinsed boneless chum salmon fillet) and “NEW Cha-Arai Honenashi Saba Kirimi” (NEW tea-rinsed boneless mackerel fillet), the latter using domestic mackerel. The company aims to alleviate consumer complains about a dearth of fish recipes and varieties.

Furthermore, a series of “Benri na Cha-Arai Honenashi Sakana” (Convenient tea-rinsed boneless fish), which can be just defrosted on a kitchen counter for later consumption, was made for those with little time for food preparation and cleanup. “Saba Shioyaki” (Broiled salted mackerel), “Akisake Shio Yaki” (Broiled salted chum salmon), and “Sawara Saikyo Yaki” (Broiled miso marinated Japanese Spanish mackerel) were developed for breakfast buffet and lunches with 20g per fillet.

In a commercial food category, “Sake Flake” (Salmon flakes) and “Tori Sasami Flake” (Chicken tenderloin flakes), whose raw material costs are predictably stable, were thrown into the tuna market, which dominates the canned food sector. In the category of fish ham and sausage, “Burger Steak” will join in a “DHA added Resala” series, certified specialty food. Additionally, fish sausage and cheese kamaboko products utilizing a “Kurun-Pack” method that can be easily opened with hands were newly released. “Yakisoba-Ten” (Fried chow mein) and “Corn Tama-Ten” (Fried corn and onion) in the kneaded fish category may become a conversation piece.

Image 1: NEW tea-rinsed boneless fish

The original article was published on July 14, 2010 and was translated by Kiyo Hayasaka.

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