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Hokkaido Onshore Surimi Production Until July Totals 13,456t

August 26, 2010

The National Surimi Manufacturers Association assessed the Hokkaido surimi onshore production for the month of July. The onshore surimi yield for July summed to 888 tons; a cumulative figure from January thru July came to 13,456 tons, as opposed to 15,412 tons at the same period last year. Additionally, the total landing of pollack for June added up to 9.001 tons; the combined quantity for the period of January thru June totaled 60,398 tons. 2,844 tons of hokke (arabesque greenling) landed in June; the January-to-June total was 28,095 tons.

Details of import amounts of surimi and pollack from January to June are surimi of pollack varieties 28,837 tons (20,886 tons in the corresponding period last year); golden threadfin bream 28,119 tons (20,812 tons); IQ fish meat (Japanese mackerel) zero (72 tons); barracuda and bream meat 882 tons (418 tons); meat of other fish varieties 54,544 tons (41,982 tons); and frozen pollack 652 tons (448 tons). Moreover, for an inventory volume of frozen surimi as of the end of June, pollack stood at 26,933 tons (98 percent of the previous month and 67 percent of the previous year) and other varieties at 37,161 tons (107 percent of the previous month and 140 percent of the previous year), totaling 64,094 tons, or 103 percent of the previous month.

The original article was published on August 26, 2010 and was translated by Kiyo Hayasaka.

Tokai Denpun Shrinks Profit Losses

August 26, 2010

Tokai Denpun Co. Ltd. announced its financial report card for the fiscal year ended in June 2010. Its consolidated net sales tumbled 6.1 percent to \133.559 billion and operating profit or loss recorded a loss of \685 million, which was a deficit of \2.668 billion a year ago. Ordinary earnings registered a loss of \93 million, as opposed to a deficit of \2.357 billion for the previous year, and net profit or loss ended in a deficit of \316 million, from a loss of \1.575 billion in the prior year.

The projected financial performance for the upcoming year is as follows: sales of \146.5 billion; operating income of \2.074 billion; ordinary profit of \2.56 billion; and net income of \1.221 billion.

President Jinno for Chairman and Toshiaki Masuda for New President

A management reshuffle approved by the Sep 28 general meeting announced President Kenji Jinno for chairman and Managing Director Toshiaki Masuda for new president, effective as of July 1.

Performance Aggravated by Domestic Subsidiaries

Tokai Denpun commented on the previous financial year performance: "We made conscious efforts to respond to business clients' needs for low price products as well as to shrink inventories. Also, continuous efforts were made for quality assurance. On the other hand, our leading subsidiaries in Japan, Tokai SeaPro, Sanwa, and Harimaya Fresh reported operating losses. Tokai SeaPro has been grappling with its restructuring as well as a long term glut by seawater aquaculture operations. Our overseas subsidiaries in Thailand, Taiwan, and China all performed swimmingly." When it comes to surimi, the Company said, "Warming temperatures since May have caused slacking moves of retail products. In contrast, high surimi price ranges were established in North America, Southeast Asia, and Japan; therefore domestic surimi inventories kept on moving without any stagnation. Inventory prices also progressively rose."

The original article was published on August 26, 2010 and was translated by Kiyo Hayasaka.

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