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Household Expenditure Stats for July Indicate 6% Drop in Marine Foods

September 1, 2010

According to the household expenditure figures for the month of July (family income and expenditure survey and by item category) summarized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the average consumption expenditure per household of more than two persons gained 0.1 percent to \285,274; of which food spending was \74,628, down 0.2 percent. The outlay on marine foods totaled \6,131, tumbling 6 percentage points. Based on a year-over-year comparison, fresh fish (7.7 percent), salted-dried seafood (5.7 percent), and kneaded fish product (2.6 percent) all contracted.

The total amount paid for fresh marine products plunged 6.3 percent to \3,518; particularly, saury suffered a boggling 46.7 percent fall as a result of scant supply. Other marine varieties also shrank all across the board: crab 22 percent, mackerel 21.7 percent, shrimp 19.1 percent, salmon 10.6 percent, squid 10 percent, sea bream 9.7 percent, amberjack (buri) 4.9 percent, tuna 3.9 percent, and octopus 2.7 percent. Conversely, sardine demonstrated an 8.1 percent rise, followed by Japanese horse mackerel 5.5 percent and flounder 3.3 percent increases.

Expenditure on kneaded fish products was \603, a decline of 2.6 percent. Kamaboko and chikuwa both experienced decreases by 0.9 percent and 0.8 percent respectively. Fried kamaboko contrarily hiked 2.9 percent.

The original article was published on September 1, 2010 and was translated by Kiyo Hayasaka.

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