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67 Domestic Tuna Farmers Rack up 9,200t in Production

September 16, 2010

According to a stakeholder at Tsukiji Market, the number of tuna growers in Japan total 67, encompassing 12 different prefectures. The aggregate output reaches 9,200 tons (227,800 tunas).

A prefectural breakdown indicates three producers in Mie, five in Wakayama, three in Kochi, four in Ehime, three in Oita, one in Yamaguchi, 38 in Nagasaki, two in Kumamoto, five in Kagoshima, one in Okinawa, one in Kyoto, and one in Ishikawa. The details of the main producers and yields are as follows:

[Kagoshima Area] Japan Tuna Stock Research Center 550 tons in Uken (50kg/10,000 tunas); Kinki Univ. 80 tons in Setonai-cho (50kg/1,500); and Nomaike 12 tons in Nomaike (30kg/400)

[Nagasaki Area] Nagasaki Prefectural Fisheries Coop: 1) Tsushima 1,000 tons (35kg/30,000 tunas), 2) Goto 70 tons (35kg/2,000), and 3) Matsuura 35 tons (35kg/1,000); Kaneko Sangyo 700 tons (35kg/20,000); Sojitsu Tuna Farm 180 tons (35kg/6,000); and Mizushima Suisan 90 tons (35kg/3,000)

[Kishu Area] Kinki Univ. 30 tons (30kg/1,000 tunas); Yoshida Suisan 50 tons (32kg/1,500); Yaekatsu Suisan 50 tons (33kg/1,500); Seiyo Suisan 70 tons (28kg/5,000), Nagahisa Suisan 70 tons (28kg/3,000); Nihon Maguro Yoshoku 90 tons (28kg/3,000); and Kayaki 150 tons (28kg/5,000)

[Taiyo A&F] 1,600 tons (35,000 tunas in Okinawa, Nagasaki, Kochi, Yamaguchi, and Kii-Katsuura [Maruha Nichiro] 1,100 tons (20,000 tunas in Amami and Mie-Kumano) [Nissui] 1,010 tons (25,200 tunas in Setouchi-cho, Koshikijima, and Tsushima) [Takuyo] 1,200 tons (20,000 tunas in Uken and Hayato)

[Kumamoto Area] Burimy 90 tons (3,000 tunas)

[Shikoku Area] Uwakai Fisheries Growers Association 390 tons (30kg/13,000 tunas); Hyogo Yoshoku 300 tons (30kg/10,000); Sunrise Farm 36 tons in Matsuoka (30kg/1,200); Kyokuyo Farm 255 tons (30kg/8,500), Marine Japan 15 tons (30kg/500); and Uwakai Marine Farm 10 tons (20kg/500)

The original article was published on September 16, 2010 and was translated by Kiyo Hayasaka.

Pacific Saury Harvesting in Hokkaido Trends Upward

September 16, 2010

Based on information obtained in Hokkaido, Pacific saury harvesting, as of September 11 totaled approximately 15,000 tons; 29 percent of the previous year with roughly \7 billion in value, 99 percent of last year. Compared to the beginning of August, the trend is progressing upward.

This year's slumping Pacific saury landings are attributable partly to warm surface water temperatures of the waters around Hokkaido, 3-5 degrees higher than past recent years. Nonetheless, since this month began, the surface water temperatures have been coming down; and as a result fishing grounds are inching closer to the coasts of Hokkaido

Comparison Chart of Pacific Saury Landing and Value (as of Sep. 11)
 Quantity (t)Value (\ million)Average Unit Price (\/kg)

The original article was published on September 16, 2010 and was translated by Kiyo Hayasaka.

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