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Feb Seafood Imports Drop 2% to 171,600 Tons

April 3, 2013

The total marine foods imported during the month of February 2013, which include fishmeal, according to the International Seafood Distribution Council, came to 171,573 tons; a drop of 1.9%. The average unit price nudged up slightly by 1.4%, leading the total import value to remain unchanged from the previous year at 100.9 billion yen, down 0.6%.

While the following items spiked remarkably in comparison to the same month a year ago: big-eye tuna (18.4%), mackerel (43.4%), squid (64.5%), octopus (32.5%), and cooked squid (70.2%), there were species that exhibited noticeable drops: yellowfin tuna (30.4%), bonito (57.8%), salmon/ trout (17.1%), and fishmeal (20.8%).

In the category of salmon and trout, 14,200 tons of Chilean salmon were imported, a reduction of 28%. The unit price plunged 30% to 321 yen/ kg. Chilean frozen salmon fillets, chiefly of trout, increased 12% to 3,470 tons; the unit price was down 15%.

The main item of shrimp marked 12,021 tons, up 4.4%. Of which, frozen shrimp (shrimp and prawn) were 10,870 tons. The unit price went up by 8%. Shrimp imported from Thailand declined 10%, totaling 1,964 tons. Conversely, other chief producing countries registered increases all across the board: India 1,454 tons (15%), Vietnam 1,568 tons (5%), Indonesia 2,118 tons (3%), and China 984 tons (60%).

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