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April Hokkaido Surimi Output Plunges 10%

May 27, 2013

Onshore frozen surimi yield of six factories in Hokkaido, which also counts non-pollack surimi, announced by the National Surimi Manufactures Association for the month of April dipped 10 percent from the same month a year ago to 1,491 tons. The number included 1,377 tons of pollack surimi, up 16 percent, and 99 tons of Atka mackerel surimi, down 45 percent.

The aggregate of the Jan-April period came to 7,121 tons, down 2 percent, remaining about the same as the previous year. Pollack surimi racked up 6,440 tons, an increase of 15 percent. Atka mackerel declined 58 percent, totaling 666 tons.

Stocks as of late April reported by the members of onshore surimi plants in Hokkaido hiked 92 percent to 3,949 tons. Of which, pollack surimi was 3,753 tons, up 167 percent, and Atka mackerel added up to 196 tons, or down 67 percent.

The total shipment in April was 2,820 tons, up 43 percent. The Jan-April period totaled 8,126 tons, about the same as last year (down 1 percent).

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