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Chubushiryo Co. Launches Fry Feed Company in China

June 20, 2013

With companies in Japan and China, Chubushiryo Co (President Hiroshi Hirano) launched a venture joint company, Santsu Chubu Shiryo (Shandong) Co. Ltd., in Shandong, China, on June 7, 2013. The new firm will engage in manufacturing and selling of compound feed for fries.

Even though China accounts for about 60 percent of aquaculture production in the world, there are not many companies existing in China that specialize in high technology driven fry feed manufacturing that offer superb customer service.

With that in mind, in collaboration with Shandong-based company Weifang Sanhui Food Limited Company and Tokyo-based firm Santsu Co., Ltd., the new venture firm was established. Employing cutting-edge compound feed manufacturing technology and training skills of Chubushiryo and expertise in production, distribution, and marketing of marine feed and foods boasted by Weifang Sanhui Food Limited Company and Santsu, a whole range of aquaculture feed, mainly of fry feed, will be produced and distributed within China. In addition, special quality fish farmed in Japan will be sold, as well.

The capital invested amounts to USD 1.5 million; 48 percent by Chubushiryo, 50 percent by eifang Sanhui Food Limited Company, and 2 percent by Santsu.

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