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Radish Boya Sells First Organic Salmon in Japan

July 5, 2013

Tokyo-based company Radish Boya Co., Ltd. (President Akiko Ide) specializes in member-only home-delivery services of organic foods and other non-organic foods. The Company is slated to launch a new service involving Norwegian organic salmon that are raised in accordance with the EU organic aquaculture standards. This is the first endeavor in Japan.

“Norwegian Organic Salmon” complies with the EU organic aquaculture standards and is accredited with two organic certifications, DEBIO from Norway and BIO from Germany. Additionally, this particular kind of salmon is fostered in an environment close to their natural state with natural feed based on a company policy of leading Norwegian salmon company SalMar ASA - ensuring a salmon friendly environment without ruining nature.

Situated in the middle of Norway, the farm ground enjoys an unadulterated condition conceived by fjords and the Gulf Stream. The fish is nurtured in a condition with more than half (10kg/cubic meter) of regular density (25kg/ cubic meter).

The compound feed contains 60 percent of herring-based fishmeal. Regular salmon feed contains only 15 percent of fishmeal. Having the salmon feed on this high-fishmeal food helps cultivate an environment resembling their natural captivity.

Radish Boya is to begin selling frozen processed organic salmon (3 kinds) from July 8 by way of home delivery and the Internet. The items for sale are “sashimi grade organic salmon block” (200g, 900 yen before tax; trial price 850 yen); “sashimi grade organic salmon slices” (200g, 950 yen before tax; trial price 900 yen); and “sashimi grade organic salmon filet (unsalted)” (200g, 850 yen before tax; trial price 800 yen).

Picture 1: Sashimi grade slices

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