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Japan’s First European Style Trawler Completed

July 24, 2013

Japan’s very first European style trawler, Dai Gojuichi Kaiyo Maru (The 51st Kaiyo Maru, 605 tons), was just completed and the public was given an opportunity to view the ship at Ariake, Tokyo on July 23. With its unorthodoxly attractive look demanding people’s attentions, the ship welcomed a large number of people including member of the National Diet from the upper and lower houses.

In hopes of recuperating from the quakes and tsunamis back in 2011, the Hachinoe Motorship Fisheries Cooperatives in Aomori prefecture (Chairperson Yoshiaki Kawamura) constructed the ship at Miho Zosen in Shizuoka with the support from the Shared Fishing Boat Recovery Project sponsored by the government. The vessel will be deployed for the Hachinohe Region Fisheries Promotion Project (overseas trawl fishing) managed chiefly by the Japan Overseas Fishing Association (JOFA) (Chairperson Mitsunori Yoshida) as part of the Fisheries Recovery Support Project. Kaiyo Gyogyo (Pres. Keikichi Kawamura) will operate the vessel in a bid to revitalize fisheries in the Hachinohe region, improve and pass on overseas trawling skills, and stabilize fishing business using a new form of operation.

Environmentally Friendly, Energy Saving Vessel

Taking account of the fishing environment and management of overseas trawl fisheries, the brand new trawl ship enables solvent business rooted in international competitiveness and is designed in such a way that crew can operate safely and comfortably.

Specifically, European technology is implemented for fishing gears and equipment and higher safety and productivity on the deck is made possible by widening the ship. The bridge has a 360-degree view. A fish detector and a trawl censor sport a European style. Through an electric winch and an autotrawl system, safety and efficiency during operations will also improve. Energy efficiency while operating will become reality because of a propeller equipped with a Kort nozzle.

Additionally, in order to better added value of catch, the ship’s processing facility is designed with EU certifications in mind.

The ship is 61.9 meters long with the speed of 13 knots. Thirty people can board.

Image 1: A line of high-tech equipment
Image 2: Just completed Dai Gojuichi Kaiyo Maru

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