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Hokkaido Surimi Production Plummets 40% to 1,600 Tons in June

July 26, 2013

The National Surimi Manufacturers Association announced that six onshore surimi plants in Hokkaido manufactured 1,563 tons of frozen surimi in June, which includes pollack and other surimi. Compared to the same month a year ago, it nosedived 41 percentage points. The aggregate amount from Jan through June came to 10,448 tons, down 18 percent.

In June as a single month, 1,428 tons of pollack surimi, down 32 percent, was produced. Atka mackerel surimi was 130 tons, down 76 points. Out of the total yield amount from Jan to June, pollack surimi numbered 9,464 tons, down 4 percent and Atka mackerel surimi was 949 tons, down 64 percent.

The surimi inventory as of late June in Hokkaido reported by members amounted to 2,742 tons, a reduction of 19 percent. Of which, pollack surimi increased 16 percent to 2,664 tons and Atka mackerel was 78 tons, down 92 percent. The shipped amount in June slumped 13 percent, totaling 2,117 tons.

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