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July Nationwide Warehouse Stats Point to Fall in Salmon, Mackerel

September 17, 2013

Statistical data for the distribution of chilled marine foods (major chilled warehouses in Japan) for July released by the Fisheries Processing Industries and Marketing Division of the Fisheries Policy Planning Department at the Fisheries Agency, the inventory amount at the end of July came to 833,480 tons, or down 9 percent from the same month a year ago.

Out of the total amount, frozen foods were 709,317 tons, down 10 percent. The following outstanding reductions were reported: salmon species, down 16 percent to 76,726 tons; squids, down 23 percent to 41,996 tons; mackerels, down 36 percent to 38,964 tons; shell fish, down 9 percent to 31,743 tons; Japanese jack mackerel, down 14 percent to 26,855 tons; and flounders, down 27 percent to 13,097 tons.

Tunas exhibited an 8 percent jump, totaling 48,443 tons. The next items also registered increases: pollack surimi, up 17 percent to 33,203 tons; octopuses, up 33 percent to 18,432 tons; sardines, up 7 percent to 26,835 tons; herring, up 48 percent to 14,145 tons; pollack, up 52 percent to 4,380 tons; and marlins, up 4 percent to 2,527 tons.

In terms of preserved items, there was a 6 percent fall to 56,920 tons. Especially, cod roe (20,779 tons) and salmons (3,479 tons) declined by 2 percent and 32 percent respectively.

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