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August Hokkaido Onshore Surimi Production Plummets 24% to 440 Tons

September 27, 2013

The National Surimi Manufacturers Association announced that frozen surimi (including surimi other than pollack) produced onshore at six factories in Hokkaido in August plunged 24 percent over the same month last year, amounting to 439 tons. The aggregate amount from January through August was 12,309 tons, or down 11 percent.

In August as a single month, there was no Atka mackerel surimi yielded. Pollack surimi was the only kind that was manufactured in the month. During the January-to-August period, 11,310 tons (up 3 percent) of pollack surimi was produced. Atka mackerel surimi was 949 tons, down 65 percent.

Inventory of surimi stored by onshore plants in Hokkaido reported by the association members late August was 1,853 tons, down 30 percent from last year. Of which, pollack surimi remained unchanged at 1,820 tons and Atka mackerel surimi was 33 tons, down 96 percent.

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