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Maruichi Co. Forms Business Alliance with Mitsubishi Shokuhin

November 11, 2013

Nagano-based company Maruichi Co., Ltd. (President Masatoshi Fujisawa) and Tokyo-based food company Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (President Takeshi Inoue) signed a contract that detailed a comprehensive business alliance Nov. 7.

Maruichi forte rests in the procuring and selling of marine products, while Mitsubishi Shokuhin’s rests in its nationwide selling and distribution channels and marketing strength. Both firms belong to Mitsubishi Corporation.

“We have reached an understanding that we are able to construct a supply chain system of marine food distribution in line with consumer trend and that we can further contribute to the buoyance and proliferation of the seafood industry. We hope that the business tie-up will enable us to appeal the goodness of seafood to consumers by offering products that meet consumer needs,” the companies stated.

From this point on forward, the two institutions will discuss further details: 1) design and construction of a supply chain system of marine food distribution; and 2) mutual utilization of human resources, district offices, and distribution bases.

Consolidated sales of Maruichi Co., Ltd. were JPY 159.6 billion (€1.2 billion/$1.61 billion) in FY March 2013. Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. posted consolidated sales of JPY 2.3188 trillion (€17.5 billion/$24.4 billion) in FY March 2013.

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