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50K Ton State of the Art Cold Warehouse in Dalian, China

January 24, 2014

A joint venture* in Dalian, China by Chuo Gyorui Co., Ltd. (President Yoshihiko Otaki) and Hohsui Co., Ltd. will complete the construction of its cold warehouse in Feb.

The warehouse harnesses Japanese technology and know-how, and presents a future model of a cold warehouse in China, which bears a vast potential. Since the establishment of the joint venture, Hohsui Executive Director Hiroshi Nakajima has been responsible for the construction and preparations for management. Nissui Engineering Co., Ltd. has been offering preliminary designing and technical assistance.

The warehouse is located in close proximity to the container yard of the Port of Dalian and a major freeway. The bonded port enables the area to function as an international transfer station. With the goal to create a 200,000-ton scale warehouse in the future, the new depot is considered to be the very first step toward the goal.

The new storehouse is a seven-story reinforced-concrete building with the temperature setting of negative 25 degrees and the capacity of 50,000 tons (60,000 tons based on a Japanese test calculation).

Dalian where plans for large-scale cold warehouses are underway is the most important distribution base in northeastern China. The area is also known for the largest station for seafood processing. Dalian is therefore expected to experience high demands in the areas of raw material processing and product storage.

In addition to being the central processing base, China is believed to find itself in the position as a mega importer, and especially international transactions of imports are expected to grow. Constructing processing plants in bonded areas were never allowed in the country before; however, this particular bonded port allows such operations.

* Dairen-sho Kotou Chuo Reito Butsuryu Yugen Koushi

Image 1: Aiming to become the central
distribution and processing base in Dalian

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