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Hokkaido Plant of Ichimasa Kamaboko Receives FSSC22000 Certification

March 13, 2014

Ichimasa Kamaboko Co., Ltd. (President Masahiro Nozaki) announced March 12 that its factory in Otaru, Hokkaido had been officially certified with FSSC22000 (ver. 3) on Feb. 27. Being accredited with the certification is a pioneering strategy for a fish-paste manufacturer. The Company aims to get other factories certified, as well.

FSSC22000, which is mainly comprised of ISO22000, is an international food safety standard that demands strict management. The certification scheme is also recognized by the world’s largest food safety organization, the Global Food Safety Institute (GFSI), managed by the Consumer Goods Forum.

Ichimasa Kamaboko vigorously acquired HACCP and ISO9001 earlier and currently all of its facilities are accredited with ISO22000. The certification obtained this time was FSSC 220000: Ver. 3. The Union of Japanese Scientist and Engineers, ISO Center played a role of a certifying body. The certification target categories are kneaded fish products and deli production.

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