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Mentaiko Maker Fukuya Opens Japanese Restaurant in Taiwan

March 14, 2014

Karashi-mentaiko* maker Fukuya Co. Ltd., located in Hakata, Fukuoka, managed by President Masataka Kawahara, opened a Japanese restaurant Tararanya in Hong Kong on March 12 through Fukuya Seafood Co., Ltd., an affiliated company that was established last spring. The primary ingredient running through the menu is of course mentaiko. At the institution, Tararanya brand of mentaiko products will be available for sale. Fukuya hopes the restaurant will become the first step into the Asian market.

Hong Kong is rife with Japanese restaurants and there is a strong interest in Japanese cuisine. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong’s busiest district, was chosen for the location of Tararanya.

Forty percent of about 55 items on the menu consists of mentaiko-centered recipes. In addition to a set menu Mentaiko Ozen (mentaiko meal), single items such as tamagoyaki (Japanese style omelet) are also available. The expected average spending per customer is HKD 120.00 (€11/$15) for lunch and HKD 320.00 (€30/$41) for dinner. Monthly sales of HKD 420,000.00 (€39,000/$54,000) are a goal.

Mentaiko products will be sold on site. Tararanya’s brand was specially designed for the Asian market with a less spicy flavor compared to Fukuya’s brand.

*Salted roe of pollack and/ cod with red pepper

Image 1: Tararanya Restaurant

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