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Info Mart Passes 50K Online Order System Users

April 10, 2014

Tokyo-based Info Mart Corporation (President Katsuteru Murakami) runs a B2B platform called Foods Info Mart, which just recorded over 50,000 businesses using the system - 50,015 businesses to be exact as of late March. It represents 6.5 percent of the entire market share consisting of about 720,000 foodservices in Japan.

The Company’s ASP Ordering System enables food distributors to receive orders from foodservices on a daily basis. Phone or fax have been the main ordering tools in the food industry. The latest ordering system results in more efficient and cost-effective operations.

The ASP Ordering System is an integrated online system that makes it possible to manage all aspects from receiving orders to payment. Its use has been expanding each year among restaurant businesses, school lunch providers, hotels, and distributors.

The ASP Ordering System is a device to encourage the use of IT among food distributors. The system allows them to conduct businesses including marketing targeting individual stores and restaurants through the web. The system’s swift ordering process, easy access to order history, and readily possible product search motivate more users to utilize the system.

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