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Kyokuyo Launches Company in Bangkok

April 15, 2014

Tokyo-based seafood company Kyokuyo Co., Ltd. (President Hisaki Tada) is slated to launch a company in Bangkok, Thailand in April. The new company is schedule to begin its operation under management of Kenji Mogi, office manager of Bangkok Office.

The chief goal is to sell Japanese foodstuff in the rapidly growing market of the Association of South‐East Asian Nations (ASEAN) where Japanese food culture has been increasing its popularity. The new firm will be positioned as the main station of intra-trade of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which is believed to launch in 2015.

The company name is Kyokuyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Its main operations will be trading of commodities and manufactured goods, distribution in Japan, inspection, as well as manufacturing. Capital is THB 112 million (€2.5 million/$3.5 million). Its projected annual sales are JPY 4.8 billion (€34 million/$46.8 million) with the fiscal year term ending December. Wholly owned by Kyokuyo.

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