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Marine Harvest Rolls out Mowi Salmon, Commemorating 50th Anniversary

June 9, 2014

The world’s largest salmon farming company Marine Harvest Group is commemorating its 50th anniversary. A ceremonial event was held June 5 at the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo where a new product, Mowi Salmon, was also launched.

CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog proposed “Blue Revolution” as a vision that the Group would strive for.

“Upon thinking about our future food issues, we see that there is a need to up the production of farmed fish,” Aarskog emphasized. To this end, “The following four concepts: passion, renovation, trust, and sharing become necessary,” he continued.

Furthermore, the CEO introduced the grand sum of the past 50 years, premium salmon, Mowi Salmon. The product will be sold only in Japan, which “has potential room for the salmon market to grow.” The Group has painstakingly pursued the best quality salmon since 1964. The source salmon selected for Mowi Salmon is robust and healthy Atlantic salmon that go up against the fierce stream of the Bosso River. *

COO Ola Brattvoll emphasized that the strongest and the healthiest salmon was the tastiest salmon and further explained the characteristics of Mowi Salmon - a product of the integrated system from breed selection, seedling, feed manufacturing, farming, processing, to marketing. In addition to their particular breed selection, special feed designed for the fish is manufactured at their own plant. Higher than 27.5 degrees, a standard temperature of a thermofan, is guaranteed for the color of the flesh. Efforts to differentiate this particular salmon product from others include marketing tools such as stickers and posters, authorized retailer certificates, and pedigree certificates.

Rigorous promotion and branding support through training of store managers and a meister system targeting sales associates will be provided.

Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs (name unknown in English)** from Norway and Norwegian Ambassador to Japan Arne Walther also attended the ceremony.

“Marine Harvest will continue to play a leading role in the salmon aquaculture industry,” Deputy Minister said to praise the 50 years of achievement.

* Please double-check the spelling. My Google search didn’t return any concrete result.
** An extensive Google search didn’t offer any useful hits.

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