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Nippon Suisan Increases Kneaded Fish, Fish Sausage Prices

June 20, 2014

Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd, headquartered in Tokyo under leadership of Norio Hosomi, announced its new product standard and pricing structures. Targeting commercial kneaded fish and fish sausage products, the new standards will start September 1, 2014. The action is taken against a backdrop of skyrocketing raw material costs. The items included are chikuwa, crab flavored kamabako, fried food, and fish sausage for home use. Revised rates range between 5 to 16.7 percent.

In the midst of stricter management of marine resources on a global scale, ever growing demand of surimi and filleted white fish in Europe and the US has led white fish prices to go upward worldwide. Especially, surimi prices have risen since the latter half of last year from the largest producer, North America, and other areas such as South America, Southeast Asia, as well as Japan. The inventory amount has also indicated a lower level in Japan. Worsening conditions of marine resources in Southeast Asia in particular have greatly affected the supply of surimi.

Furthermore, what is added to this trend is increasing costs of fuel, packaging materials, and auxiliary materials triggered by soaring crude oil prices in reaction to volatile currency exchange rates last year. It appears that logistics will be also affected. Under such a condition, existing quality and prices were retained owing to efforts made by the Company; however, the continuation of such an action was found to be quite difficult, resulting in the revisions to quality standard and prices.

Nippon Suisan does not allow the use of eggs in their surimi, so that those allergic to eggs can safely enjoy the surimi products. The Company will not accept any surimi that will not meet their set standard.

The standard modifications will be made to Katsu Chikuwa (13.3 percent), Umi-kara Salad Flake (in tray, 11.1-14.3 percent), Kani Fumi Kamaboko (12.5 percent) and Osakana no Wiener (16.7 percent). The price change will involve Osakana no Sausage (75g, 5 percent).

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