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Tie-up Between Ishikawa Chuo Uoichi and Maruichi

June 26, 2014

Kanazawa City based seafood company Ishikawa Chuo Uoichi Corporation (President Hirokazu Yokomachi; capital of JPY 154 million - €1.1 million/$1.52 million) and Nagano City based food company Maruichi Co., Ltd. (President Masatoshi Fujisawa; capital of JPY 3.71986 - €26.77 million/$36.6 million) announced June 24 that the two companies had signed a general business tie-up contract. From this point on, the involved entities will continue to further discuss the future business relation from the following two perspectives: 1) Cooperative operation in relation to procurement, marketing, and product development of wild and farmed fish gathered from all over Japan; and 2) talent exchange.

Concerning the business tie-up the two institutions made the following statement: “We want this tie-up to center around procurement of marine foods in Japan and exert a synergic effect, harnessing strengths of each company. We came to an understanding that we were able to not only help increase company values, but contribute to prosperity and growth of the seafood industry as a whole by satisfying varying consumer needs and encouraging fish consumption.

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